A Mindful Journey from Birth to Death

a-mindful-journey-from-birth-to-deathby Kamburawala Rewatha

From his early beginnings as a ten year old young novice monk in Sri Lanka to his inauguration as Chief Sangha Nayake for Great Britain (Head monk for Great Britain) in 2009The Venerable K.Rewatha Thero has continually strived to spread the word and to teach the practice of mindfulness medi-tation across the world and more recently he has become actively involved in Interfaith dialogue which he sees as the way forward towards world inter-religious peace and harmony.

This short book gives a brief over-view to the Buddhist practice of mindfulness meditation and how it is spreading and being used by people of all faiths and non-faiths in the western world.

It is hoped that it will give both the Buddhist practitioner and non – Buddhist practitioner some useful information and an insight into both Eastern and Western cultures and practices.

– Dr. L.Wilson

The Book explores the possibilities of expanding the teaching of secular Mindfulness as an effective alternative tool to non-drug treat-ment and medication for stress and addressing issues in the arena of day-to-day activities.

lndeewara Thilakarathne – Sunday Observer Editorial